Here’s the hard truth: your CRM most probably sucks and Steve “Kaz” Kasinetz is here to tell you why. As the CEO of Kazmania, a Lifecycle Sales and Marketing Company and former Chief Technology Officer at Atcore Systems, Kaz knows the ins-and- outs of Customer Relationship Management like the palm of his hands and he’s here to share some of his learnings in today’s information-filled podcast.

Kaz says that a good CRM tool is not necessarily a good system. It’s the strategy behind it that counts! How has CRM evolved through the years? Why are small businesses more vulnerable in employing their CRM tools the wrong way? How can today’s modern tools assist you in your day to day activities? Why is developing a company vision, a “why me” concept, so significant in developing customer relationships?

Kaz tells us that the most critical thing to consider when building your CRM is to ensure that all conversations with your prospects and clients are relevant. “Every single content we produce is tied to the buyer’s persona and where they are in the buyer’s journey,” Kaz says. That’s one tip we can all apply in our marketing strategies!