It’s easy to get lost when you don’t know where you’re going. That’s today’s central topic with Patrick McFadden, a strategic marketing consultant and owner of Indispensible marketing, a dynamic marketing company aimed at helping business owners with little to no formal marketing. This episode is spilling at the seams with fantastic takeaways about the significance of developing a unified company vision.

According to Patrick, in order for your marketing initiatives to work, it’s essential to have a very clear company vision which needs to permeate through the whole organization so that all are on the same page and direction.

Why is it essential to lead your team with your vision and not with tasks? Why is it important that your “community” is briefed about your vision and direction? What sets a business with a clear vision apart from those that seem more money-driven? Why is it essential to release your team from their silos and unite them under one unified vision? We discuss these in the podcast and more!

The significance of a well-premeditated vision is extraordinary. Patrick leaves us with a golden nugget of wisdom: “Clarity leads to success. Once your vision becomes clear, you start to succeed. When the vision gets communicated, magical things happen.”

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