If you think search involves merely typing away keywords on a search engine and instantly arriving with relevant results, you’re wrong. Search is a science, and I’ve got Alton Duderstadt II on the show to tell us all about how search engines work and how to fully understand its complexities to make sure you rank and get the most traffic. Alton is President of Searchology, a company that offers online marketing services like SEO, pay per click, and online reputation management. In this podcast we discuss the following:

 How search involves various elements to produce different types of results

  •  How understanding Universal Search allows you to pinpoint your target market
  •  Why SEO involves time and thought, and there is no silver bullet
  •  SEO vs. SEM, and which strategy works best for your business
  •  The various ways people search for information
  •  How to integrate Social Media with your marketing tactics
  •  Why listening and tracking is absolutely essential in online marketing

Get ahead on the search game and tune in to this podcast today!