Today’s show is not only packed to the brim with actionable insights, but also unbelievably inspirational, thanks to Authority Marketer and founder of Blue Ocean Authority, Tamara Patzer. It’s always such a treat to interview experts who are so passionate about their chosen field!

Tamara made me realize that anyone who has ever generated online content or been in Social Media for quite some time has the key to a vault of gold. There’s a goldmine of untapped resources most businesses are oblivious to uncover, and that’s where Tamara’s eagle eyes come in. Tamara helps to uncover long forgotten digital assets or online content and unlocks each of these to their fullest potential, helping businesses gather more leads and generate more income.

Why are videos such a massive digital asset, and how do we unlock their full marketing potential? What’s the hidden power of getting interviews with thought leaders, and what’s the best way to market these? Why is influence and authority as valuable as pure gold? And finally, why is the pursuit of perfection paralyzing, and why is it that sometimes it’s better to “just do it”?

Tamara leaves us with brilliant motivational insights to help us uncover our own digital assets and be our own thought leaders. This is a one hour episode which I promise you will be worth every second. Grab some coffee and tune it to get motivated!