The internet has turned everyone into journalists, reviewers and critics who are well informed before coming to your website. Gone are the days of a one size fits all cold call from a sale rep. Nowadays, you need to meet the person where they are in the sales cycle and understand a little more about their needs and knowledge level before going into a canned pitch. With marketing automation, you can learn more about the needs of your audience as well as the right time to provide the right message. This is what CallidusCloud calls lead intelligence.

Gile believes that marketing is only a part of the process and that they are here to assist the sales department. He states that in a 2014 study, only 1 in 5 meetings with salespeople yielded a follow up and even less converted into a sale. Many times this attributes to marketing not providing sales with the full context of the lead before the meeting.

But it is not entirely marketing’s fault. In many companies, it is not a part of the sales process for this knowledge transfer. Each department has its own way of handling leads with no holistic approach.

Listen in as we discuss how information can be gathered and passed from marketing to sales equipping them to provide predictive messaging and convert more tire kickers to leads and leads into sales.