Guy Marion, Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer at Autopilot, says that although marketing automation has been around for around 15 years, only 5% percent of the world’s companies are using it regularly and effectively. Nevertheless, the shift in marketing automation is evident. New marketers are indeed more focused on the customer journey and on providing a better experience, and Guy should know! As CMO of Autopilot, a software for multi-channel marketing automation, Guy has been in the business long enough to give us brilliant insights and use cases for today’s podcast!

We go in-depth on the following topics: How does marketing automation personalize marketing and how does this personalization become lucrative in the long run? What’s the proper ratio of prioritizing short term effects and long term effects in marketing automation? Is marketing automation too much of a Big Brother concept, and if it is, how do you appear less stalker-y? And finally, how much does analytical data tie into deciding which marketing automation strategies work or didn’t work?

According to Guy, the new breed of marketing automation is not just automating blasts to people, but creating a smooth, seamless, and personal customer journey that creates conversions. The benefits of targeting and automation are undeniable. People want relevancy and value. Offering mere discounts or promotions will drive behavior just because of price, but targeted content that is based on a need is much more effective!

Listen to the podcast and learn why marketing automation could be essential for your company and why your CEO might love it!