Marketing Automation has been around for a few years, but do companies really know what it is and what its limitations are? To shed some light on this marketing mystery is Bill Kahlert, a technology marketing visionary and strategist who is also the CEO of Inbox 25.

Brilliant Bill tells us the importance of a seamless CRM and why the extent of which we can access and manipulate data inside it is a crucial key to success. Though the technology offers us a plethora of benefits, Bill tells us that when it comes to dealing with vendors, it’s all about relevance: To what extent are the features they offer relevant to what you do and how powerful are they?

When it comes to implementation, what responsibilities fall within the scope of the vendor, and which tasks should the company shoulder? Why is it so essential to know your business process before diving into the Marketing Automation trend? Once the technology has launched, how long do you have to wait until you see results, and who should you select within your company to manage the platform? This podcast holds all the answers and more.

Bill leaves us with one important point to ensure Marketing Automation success: Know your business from head to toe!


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