Today we’ve got a beefy podcast from health-buff Darren Thompson, a multiple-Iroman competitor and the mastermind behind Fisical Therapy, a 12-week online program that skyrocketed through brilliant automated marketing and social media tactics.

First we tackled social media. How was Darren able to launch a successful Facebook ad campaign with just a couple of cents per click? What elements made his Facebook ads successful?

Next, we looked at automated campaigns. So many companies nowadays go lax after setting up their marketing automation, fully depending on the comforts of an automated system. But with that comes a predicament: the market is complex and consumers are unpredictable. So how do we push through?

Darren explains how to quickly adapt when things change, how to integrate campaigns with future marketing initiatives, and how to set up your marketing campaigns to scale depending on levels of entry.

Expect lots of helpful tips, brilliant insights and a handful of do’s and don’ts from this very informational episode!