Did you know that the way your data is architected into your CRM plays a massive part on the impact and effectiveness of your Marketing Automation? To clue us in about the value of data architecture in marketing automation is Bill Kahlert, Co-Founder and CMO of Inbox25, who I got to invite on the show once again! Today’s podcast is spilling at the seams with actionable insights about how to make your CRM more streamlined and efficient. In this episode we get the low-down on the following:

  •  Why does data architecture play massive part in an effective CRM?
  •  Why does an effective CRM require a strong collaboration between your IT and Marketing departments?
  •  Why is marketing technology the future of marketing?
  •  How does CRM benefit companies in the long run?

The pressure for marketing departments to learn marketing technology is more intense than ever before. Tune in and don’t get left behind!