With social media at the helm of PR and marketing, it’s no surprise that the business landscape has vastly changed. So is social the new PR? With me on the show today is Kristin Marquet, the founder and managing director of Creative Development Agency. She’s a clever no-nonsense woman who’s forged successful partnerships with big names in the lifestyle and media scene.

In this podcast we talk about how business-owners often misconstrue social media and PR to have one sole purpose: to boost sales and bring in the bucks. Although this usually comes as an end-effect, Kristin argues that PR and Social Media have a more complex function: to develop brand-awareness and generate buzz. So how can PR and Social Media agencies convince sales-oriented members of the C-Suite that their services aren’t just worthless white noise? Kristin tells us the secret step-by- step!

In the digital era, is “social stalking” superior to building relationships offline? How do we draw the fine line between PR and Social Media? With so many new tools coming in, which ones do we chuck and which do we use? Kristin answers all these questions and more with her PR and social media prowess.

Filled to the brim with so many golden nuggets of wisdom, this is one podcast business owners should not miss!