Setting marketing goals can be tediously complex, but today we have Ajay Prasad, President of Global Marketing Resources. This extremely sharp marketing Jedi has three decades of experience in entrepreneurship and business strategy up his sleeve – a brilliant man with brilliant ideas who made today’s podcast very interesting!

According to Ajay, the goal of marketing in big companies is to consistently keep tweaking your strategy until previous milestones have been beat, but the age-old question remains – what’s the best way to measure marketing effectiveness? We know that it’s essential to provide both short-term goals and long-term marketing goals, but why are short-term goals better to target and prioritize? What’s the most effective time-frame for short-term goals? Ajay tell us the beauty of instant gratification and why short-term goals would not only benefit your marketing department in the long run, but your personal reputation as a marketer as well.

A variety of interesting takeaways in this podcast include: why it’s absolutely essential to set metrics upfront; why your marketing department must be in tune with the entire company, and why it’s essential to set short-term milestones for long-term goals.

Expect lots of actionable insights and valuable information in this episode!