I’ve got Sean Drayton, Founder and Managing Director of Top SEO pages on today’s podcast to show us some awesome SEO magic tricks that could get you on Google’s first page within minutes! It’s a quick fix that could boost your marketing campaigns and give you leverage when you most need it. In this screen-share podcast, Sean introduces us to the many tools one could leverage to optimize their websites and figure out its weak areas. He also shows us how a keyword, which we came up with on the spot, could be optimized to Google’s first page within minutes. In this podcast we discuss:

  • How on-site and off-site SEO must be combined to produce effective results
  • Why video is fast becoming an essential media to employ to get fast ranks in Google
  • How employing image geo-location could boost your SEO
  • The implications of honing in on a long-tail keyword versus a short-tail keyword
  • The difference between long term and short term SEO

This podcast is packed to the brim with helpful SEO tips, so tune in and start ranking today!

Want to experience the magic, contact Sean Drayton directly, or check out the Top SEO Pages SEO Perth Expert company website for more information.