With me today is SEO extraordinaire Nick Wilsdon, the SEO Lead of Global Channel Optimisation of the Vodafone group. With around 18 years of SEO experience, Nick has mastered the intricate ins-and- outs of the SEO business, so much so that even though SEO through the years has been so inconveniently erratic, Nick has proven to be extraordinarily efficient – and today we have the honor of finding out what makes his strategy so effective!

In this podcast we learn how SEO has evolved through the years and how the business has become more specialized, especially on its massive mobile-centric shift. The overall success of SEO has now become a company-wide initiative encompassing almost all departments, which now leads us to a challenge: How can companies fully integrate SEO into their business?

With his extensive SEO repertoire, Nick gives us the lowdown on the following: How do you convince members of the C-Suite of SEO’s value when it requires so much specialized knowledge to understand?

How do big companies who are less-agile manage with SEO being so erratic? Why is the “fear of being first” hampering the progress of so many companies nowadays? Is it absolutely essential for all companies to make the change to mobile?

In the end, Nick closes with a golden nugget of wisdom: In SEO, “it’s not about knowing the change that’s going to happen, it’s about being prepared for the change that’s going to happen.”

Whether you have SEO in your business or if you’re still scratching your head thinking if the integration is worth it, this podcast is an absolute goldmine of valuable information!