I’ve been following Michael King, founder of digital marketing company iPullRank, for years on various conferences and podcasts and boy, am I lucky to have him on the show today! Michael is a real authority on SEO, and today’s information-laden episode is all about how to make SEO work for your business.

Michael shakes things up with his occasionally unorthodox opinions about SEO, so tune in to learn something new! In this episode, Michael and I go on an insight-packed discourse about what techniques work and what must be chucked out the window.

  •  With SEO constantly going through a process of evolution, what’s the next sound option?
  •  Why is knowing your target audience essential for any SEO strategy?
  •  Why is ranking first in search engines not really a measure for success?
  •  With so many channels for search in the modern age, which ones should you leverage?
  •  How do you set SEO goals for a company with various departments and multiple requirements?

If you’re providing an SEO service, education is integral in making sure you and your client are setting the right goals for your business. Is your SEO working for you? Tune in to this podcast and find out!