Just one negative review about your company could be the kiss of death to your business! I’ve got Allen Jordan, the Marketing Director of digital marketing agency The FarPoint Alliance, on the show once again to tell us all about the significance of Reputation Management and how glistening reports about your business could be the key to marketing success. Allen and I get down to the details of how reputation management has evolved throughout the years.

Why is it important to be very responsive on Social Media? Why do negative reviews deal a heavier blow on smaller businesses than larger companies? What are the steps to take when dealing with negative reviews? What are the most effective ways to generate positive feedback from clients?

These days, people look through the Internet before making a buying decision. Will what they see online entice them to your store or drive them away? Allen tells us that knowing what people are saying about you is extremely crucial for the success of your business. Start building your business reputation by tuning in to this podcast today!