Can data provide you with a story on how to convert better? We’re trading suits and ties for lab gowns in this special Mr. Marketology podcast with Conversion Scientist Brian Massey from Conversion Sciences, an Internet marketing agency that focuses on revenue, ecommerce, and website optimization, ecommerce video, AB testing and a lot more. Today’s podcast is all about testing your hypothesis and conducting experimentations – just like in a real lab, but with analytics! Brian knows all the right formulas to help companies convert better. Which pages on your website make people run away, and which ones make them convert? We fussy over the details of collecting data and how this information can help you drive more sales, and ultimately, more revenue. In this podcast you will learn:

  • How collecting the right data requires more than just inserting code
  • Actionable insights on how optimize your website
  • Dealing with “blind spots”
  • The best way to collect data over cross domains
  • How mastering each segment of your website traffic can help you drive better results
  • The best attribution model to employ

Collecting and leveraging the data you garner from analytics helps you make informed decisions and makes you convert better. Tune in to this podcast and find out more from a conversion scientist today!