Marketing Automation has three parts to focus on in order to be successful in turning an unsuspecting prospect into a loyal customer.  Last episode we talked about lead generation and how to get targeted prospects into the funnel.  If you missed it, you can catch up here


Episode One –  Optimizing Top of the Funnel Lead Generation with Marketing Automation

In this second episode we will talk about moving the leads through the middle of the marketing funnel so that their decisions are clear and seem natural.

Now that we have cast our strategic net, we need to lean on a strategy to keep prospects interested, while converting those who are ready to qualified leads.  The middle of the water can be treacherous waters for those unfamiliar with lead nurturing, as different leads will have different needs (thank you Dr. Seuss) as they progress through their individual buyer’s journey.

This webinar is ideal for companies that have traffic that falls through the cracks and they can not figure out why they have low conversions.  If you want guaranteed improvement in your conversions, then we encourage you to register today.

We also encourage you to ask questions, even before the event, by using #sharpspringmofu in your social correspondence.

To find out more about our guest company, SharpSpring, research them here.