When our efforts are all focused on marketing to outside customers, it’s easy to lose what we already have. I’ve got Susan Marshall from Torchlight to tell us all about the dreaded “leaky bucket”phenomenon – a situation that occurs when all our efforts are poured into getting new clients that we forget to nurture our existing customers, causing them to leave even before a new one gets in. As the founder of Torchlite Marketing, a SaaS Marketplace that connects businesses to digital marketing experts who develop, manage, and execute campaigns through a collaborative platform, Susan the repertoire to provide us with the most effective tips about marketing to existing customers. In this podcast we find out:

  •  The biggest challenge in a SaaS model – the “leaky bucket”
  •  Why your customers are the best sales agents
  •  Why companies should stop merely focusing on looking for ways to sell but provide value instead
  • How to build valuable content
  •  Why marketing is a long-term game with no “silver bullet”
  •  How to repurpose media to come up with new content

Making your customers feel valued brings you more benefits than you could ever imagine. Tune in and learn how to market to your existing customers today!