So many brilliant marketing strategies go to waste due to lack of execution, and who better to implement your strategies than, well, hardworking elves? On the show today is Scott Rogerson, Chief Executive Officer of Community Elf, a company that aims to help organizations win customers through execution and measurement of daily content marketing services across all stages of the customer journey.

In this episode, we talk about how Scott Rogerson’s company handles the day to day marketing  operations of their clients, from generating website content all the way to handling customer concerns and email marketing. If you’ve got strategies but can’t get the gears to work, you’ll learn a thing or two from this podcast! Scott and I discuss the following:

  • Why companies fail in execution
  • How to Scott gets the C-Suite to understand the value of his service
  • Why there is no magic bullet, and marketing is really all about nurturing and following your customers through their journey
  • How to deal with clients who always want to ride on the next big thing
  • Why it’s essential to measure arcs instead of initiatives

If you’re a marketing agency or a business looking for someone to handle your marketing efforts, you’ll get a ton of insights on this episode. Tune in and take action today!

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