Pay your way to the top, or earn your way to the top,” says Joshua Elledge, Principal of and Chief Executive of SavingsAngel. Joshua believes that leveraging influencers is much more effective in getting out there as opposed to employing antiquated techniques like sending out press releases or dishing out ridiculous sums of money just to get air time. With the advent of Social Media, PR has vastly changed and the relationship between influencers, the media, and your brand has been remarkably dynamic. Joshua and I explore the fruitful relationship between these three and how taking the long road to getting air time will reap much more benefits than taking the easy way to the top. Today’s podcast is extremely packed to the brim with helpful insights about how to make a buzz in strategically creative ways! In this podcast you will learn:

  •  How PR has changed over the years and the impact Social Media has on it
  •  How Social Media has leveled out the playing field as a “great equalizer”
  •  How to use social media intelligently to be a reliable source for the media
  •  Why press releases have lost their charm and effectiveness
  •  How your spokesperson could be an effective representative of your brand

Tune and find out how to generate buzz in the most efficient way today!

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