“If you don’t know what you’re getting out from your marketing, it’s really just an expense,” says the founder RYP Marketing, Adam Thompson. This highly informative podcast is all about figuring out where your conversions come from, how to optimize them, and how to make the most use of your marketing budget. In the case of employing multiple marketing campaigns in various channels, how do you figure out which conversions come from where? In this episode, Adam and I discuss the following:

  •  How call tracking and e-commerce tracking can help you
  •  How to calculate average value per conversion
  •  Weeding out ineffective marketing channels and powering up effective ones
  •  How to get down into the conversion data to superpower effective marketing channels
  •  How to determine who to credit in multi-channel marketing
  •  Distinguishing between brand and non-brand traffic
  •  Allocating marketing resources into different channels

Get more out of your marketing by getting down and dirty with the details. Learn the best way to track your conversions by tuning in to this podcast today!