It’s a dog eat dog online world, and in any battlefield, only those with the capacity to uncover their competitors’ strategies emerge victorious. I’ve got Razvan Gavrilaz on the show today to equip us with arsenal that could uncover our competitors’ hidden strategies. This golden information can help us set our position in the market and in turn, give us a winning edge! Razvan is also remarkably adept at SEO, being the founder of In this episode we discussed the following:

  • Why is it essential to size up our opponent, and what tools could help us develop a competitive analysis?
  • How can we use Link Velocity Metrics and Google Trends to determine the state of our competitor’s market, and how could this information help us gain an edge?
  • How can knowing our competitor’s linking strategies help us size them up?
  • Why is your competitor’s “shareability” and top posts essential in knowing their strategy and being able to craft your own?

Razvan says that competitive analysis is not about copying your competitors, but knowing what works and how it works in your niche. When businesses fight tooth and nail for consumers, intelligence really is the key to success! Tune in and find out how to size up your opponents today!