We’ve got Social Media extraordinaire and consultant Leanne Peard on the show today giving us fun insights about the rapidly-evolving and ever-changing world of social media platforms. This podcast, although a short one, is bursting at the seams with actionable tips business owners and start-ups will find incredibly essential!

At the get-go, Leanne laid down a common problem most business owners face: Companies want to be on all Social Media platforms even if they only need to be on the platform their target audience is on!

With Social Media constantly evolving, it can be difficult to keep up. Leanne advises companies to focus on one to three platforms and master them enough to develop a strong strategy. In this podcast we had an interesting discourse about the following: Why is it so essential to set your niche and know who your target audience is before pursuing social media? What are the best ways to utilize Facebook Live? How do you create a dynamic relationship between all your social media channels? What are some of the hottest Social Media tools right now? Why is a more casual and conversational voice essential in Facebook?

In the end, Leanne leaves us with some vital words of wisdom: Facebook is not about selling. It’s about educating people about your product and what it can do. You have to make it fun and entertaining!