I enjoy picking Patrick McFadden’s brain so much that I had him on my show again for a second guesting! This time, we get all fired up about the many misconceptions companies and small businesses have about Social Media marketing. As the strategic marketing consultant and owner of Indispensible Marketing, Pat’s insights on this episode are pure gold!

These days a lot of companies and small businesses are too obsessed with getting fans and followers (even going so far as to buy them), but what are followers if you can’t extract value out of them? Why is goal-setting for Social Media marketing essential? Why should you know and understand who your customers are first before putting out content? And finally, why, even after cracking knuckles and so much elbow grease, is your Social Media marketing NOT working? Pat and I get into the details of these questions and more!

Pat leaves us with one important takeaway: “Marketing is all about methods, not miracles.” So tune in and find out how to make the most of your social platforms today!