Welcome everybody to my first Digital Beercast Session! Digital Beercast is a weekly or bi-monthly podcast where Alton Duderstadt II and I have a very engaging chit-chat about the many facets of digital marketing. From SEO to social media, paid search, or online privacy, everything is covered under the sun! The twist? We’ll be sipping on a featured beer of choice, and with the help of a little giggle juice, things are bound to get interesting! Today’s Digital Beercast is all about mastering your content and taking full control and responsibility of your digital channels. One of the biggest mistakes business owners often make when creating their website is haphazardly generating content and treating it as a checklist. If you’re not generating content made with passion, you’re generating “cold” content no one really wants to read. People want engaging material. To produce that, we go into the details of the following:

  • The different types of search and how they influence your content development
  • Why content quality is highly essential
  • Why developing good content means taking a personal approach
  • The challenge of content distribution – which digital channel should you leverage?
  • The various types of content and which you should use
  • Why fear is the number one reason why you’re not taking control of your digital media

Thank you, Anton, for a really informative discussion about content and the value of taking ownership! Be the king of your own content and tune in to my first Digital Beercast today!