We’re on the second episode of Digital Beercast and I’ve got Anton Duderstadt II on the show once again to talk about the best modern marketing strategies. Armed with today’s local beer of choice, we’re shaking things up and talking about how to track your sales and handling your attributions. Amidst the vast spectrum of available channels, how do we track sales on all of them and what should we expect? How should we handle the sales funnel when it comes to digital marketing, and who gets the attribution? Anton and I put our thinking caps on and discuss the following in this podcast:

  •  The first-touch attribution model vs. the last-touch attribution model
  •  Highly efficient ways to track your sales across channels
  •  Why getting your pen and paper is sometimes much more efficient than always relying on analytical tools
  •  The indelible line between sales and marketing and the dangers of working in silos
  • The value of being critical and honest in pushing company growth

This session of Digital Beercast is perfect for companies who want to supercharge their sales and develop the right attribution strategy. Tune in today and have a toast with us!