What’s the best way to lay out your Marketing Automation? I’m honored to have the CEO of SimplyCast, a leading provider of interactive and multi-channel communication software for organizations worldwide, on the show today to show us the ropes! Saeed El-Darahali tells us how his brilliant company takes a personal, communication-based approach to marketing with their 360 Customer Flow Communication Platform.

In this podcast Saeed discusses the following:

  •  Why his service requires building software in “reverse” (focusing on how companies do business, taking their processes, and implementing it the way the business is conducted)
  • How SimplyCast takes 18 channels of communication under one hub
  • Why knowing the generational preferences on modes of communication matters
  • Why SimplyCast’s CRN technology can compete with big players

If you’re just scouring the market for a marketing automation service, tune in today and get some awesome insights from Saeed! You can also listen to this podcast on itunes.