Chris Mack, founder of Spokal and marketing automation genius, likens content marketing to a charging locomotive: “It takes so long and so much energy and a big huge engine to keep that thing going from zero, but once it’s up to speed, it takes a tremendous amount of power and force to stop it.” And Chris hit the bull’s eye. Content marketing does require time and stamina to follow through and reap the benefits, but once you’re up, you know you’ve made the best decision!

As the founder of Spokal, a Top-Of- The-Funnel focused inbound marketing automation platform for WordPress, Chris knows the many complexities and meanderings of content marketing – more than enough to give us a few fantastic insights for today’s podcast!

Chris and I get down into the details of the following: With so many tools and marketing activities in Spokal’s arsenal, how does its attribution model look like? Is there a better way of attributing marketing automation? When talking to top-executives, how do you deal with those who want instant results?

Why is a blog so much more lucrative and effective as opposed to ads in the long run? How should someone who’s starting begin with content marketing? Tune in to this podcast and find out why content marketing is essential for your company and why it’s here to stay!