Today’s Marketing Strategy Session is all about Facebook Live and I’ve got Social Media and Facebook Strategist Fluer Ottaway, also a speaker, trainer, and consultant at Venture Digital, on the show today. This podcast episode is a treasure trove of so many useful tips about how to best use Facebook Live for your business. From setting up your first account to dealing with hardware and promotional issues, Fleur walks us through the many intricacies of Facebook’s trending live recording feature.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • The differences between various live streaming channels
  • Two fantastic ways to utilize Facebook Live
  • Top tips on doing live streaming interviews
  • How to promote your live streaming videos
  • Dealing with hardware issues

With businesses slowly realizing how valuable Facebook Live is for marketing, now is the perfect time to hop in the bandwagon. Tune in and start making your first live video today!

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