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Process equals profits and I help you build marketing strategies that automate and accelerate clientele growth

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Proper plans and processes results in profits.  Developing a winning marketing strategy increase your clientele versus pouring money on poorly planned strategies and hacks.  We evaluate your business, your market and your approach to develop strategies that win.

How Do I Help Businesses Scale Their Clientele By 25% Month Over Month?

 I Help Identefy The Right Audience

Most businesses fail, especially when it comes to advertising, because they do not identify the right audience.  They throw money and marketing out to everyone and hope something sticks.  It is like trying to sell beef to a vegan.

In order to design a successful marketing strategy you need to understand your business environment very well. The first thing I do is ensure you are addressing the right audience.

 I Help Craft The Right Message

Now that we have identified your audience, what do you tell them?  

Many businesses yell to the masses a look at me type of messaging that only talk about features.  But consumers buy benefits to their needs.  This is where the miscommunication happens.

Imagine telling the right person, the right message, at the right time.  It is like telling a hungry person, DINNER IS READY!

Do you think you would then be able to increase the amount of business you can do?

 I Help You Develop The Right Offer

In a crowded marketplaces, it can be difficult to differentiate your product or service from the competition. I will help you develop the obvious offers for your prospects.

Once I understand your true audience and their real needs, I can develop the obvious offer for them.  

For example, a person that buys a high end luxury sports car does not do it for the gas mileage and reliability.  They do it for the status and attention.

I focus on the real reason or the why when developing your obvious offer.

 I Help Design The Right Experience

Now the fun part.  I will now develop the funnel flow and customer journey with clear paths and objectives in place. 

It is all about the experience and keeping your prospects engaged throughout the entire journey.  

Think about this.  When you go to Disney, do you go for the rides or the experience?

Make your marketing funnel an experience that they won't forget.

 I Help Build A Traffic Generation Plan

This is where most start and fail.  I look at lead generation in this step after the foundations have been set.  I will now plot out the strategies to generate the leads necessary to feed the machine.

Our focus is on where your audience go to research and do business with whatever they are interested in.  

I am knowledgeable of the trends but focus on what really generates quality leads and not just low costing traffic.

 I Helo Develop A Content Distribution Strategy

Now that we have a way to generate traffic and a place to send them, I will develop a content marketing plan to repurpose your message and take the prospect from brand awareness to conversion.

This way your brand will be seen in all the right places by strategic happenstance.  
Have you ever wondered why an ad or article shows up right after you talked to someone about that particular product or service.  

I will show you how an why this happens.  And best of all, how you can do the same.

 I Help You Set Up A Remarketing Plan

Most don't buy on the first try.  So I will develop a strategy to remarket to them and have them buy over time.

Coupled with your content distribution plan, you show up at the right place at the right time.  Just like magic.  

Are You Ready To Generate Clients At Scale Monthly?

The ball is in your court.  I will provide the information, guidance and resources necessary to help you scale your clientele by 25% or more monthly without the need to increase your ad spend or becoming overwhelmed with marketing courses with no practical actions.

I have free advice along with group think tanks and one on one assistance.

But the choice is yours.  

It is recommended to start with a free marketing audit to see where you are and what is holding you back.  Then if we both agree that it is a good fit to move forward to a more involved business relationship, we can take that step then.