Today’s podcast is packed to the brim with powerful tips and impactful insights, thanks to self-made millionaire entrepreneur JV Crum III, Founder and CEO of , who shared with us tried and tested ways to take control of your marketing and reach your goals through a conscious approach.

JV is a columnist at Huffington Post and the Amazon best-selling Author of Conscious Millionaire, and in today’s podcast he shows us the value of being determined to reach your goals through three-step systems that require “Conscious Focused Action”. By developing yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals that require consciousness, focus, and action, one becomes incredibly productive and success becomes easier to achieve.

In this podcast you will learn:

  •  How good habits help you develop laser-focus on your goals
  •  How taking a systematic approach to goals will help you achieve success faster
  •  Why your consciousness is incredibly powerful and will pave the way to success
  •  The three ways to focus on your tasks
  •  How to filter and funnel your actions for only the most productive and beneficial end goals
  •  How to get your marketing team involved in the system

When it comes to the flawless formula for success, JV’s system comes very close. Tune in and take full control of your marketing through conscious focused action today!

Visit this link to get JV Crum’s book, “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference.”  for free :