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Mr. Marketology and The Marketology Group assist businesses who struggle with generating quality traffic and converting these visitors into customers.  My mission is to help over 1 million companies with their marketing.  To do so I have put together a series of marketing courses and coaching programs.  

There are two primary reasons that cause most businesses to fail in marketing.  The first is a lack of knowledge. My team and I provide an abundance of information on marketing topics that will eliminate the first reason for failure.  

The second reason would be the lack of implementation.  Many companies gather insights and plan, but never implement.  This failure to take action causes the majority of business to fail.  With our help, you will be provided ways to easily implement the marketing strategies we recommend. 

I encourage you to take a look around the site and gather as much information as you can. There are several courses, manuals, and services that can provide you with immediate benefits and assist you in increasing your marketing knowledge. 

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Some nice words from our clients

I went into your marketing coaching course with absolutely no idea how to set up a cohesive marketing strategy, and came out with a PhD in Marketology!!! I can't thank you enough for everything you taught me. It's turning my business around!

Rick Ward

Mr. Marketology is obviously an expert. He manages his course with a level of professionalism that is rare in this industry. The best part is I'm already seeing results in my own business, using just the techniques I learned in this course.

Miranda Bennet,

Wow!! I can't stop telling my friends about this course. We all work in small business, and this is the kind of information you can't usually get without paying a few thousand. Luckily we work in different industries, because I want to keep this AWAY from my competitors!! Thanks again.

John Helmsman

What can I say? Mr. Marketology's ability to see into the heart of the issue and then explain it in a way that makes sense is unparalleled. I've already signed up my entire marketing team for the course.

Angela McCoughrey

Our product development team is heading in entirely new directions after Mr. Marketology's coaching session. They're thinking outside the box and I honestly think this might be our most creative and successful marketing campaign yet. Thank you so much.

Tim Fields and Eric Benson, Co-owners

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